Post Independence History

After the creation of Pakistan, “Signal Training Centre HQ” was established on 13th September 1947 at Kuldana. Later in 1952, Army School of Administration was established here. On 9 May 1965 it was temporarily closed due to war and was reopened on 19 February 1966. In January Army School of Logistics was relocated at Kuldana.

ASL takes much pride in its rich history and being “Alma mater” of Logistics Staff of Pak Army. Since 1952, this institution is training officers, “Junior Officers Administrative Course” and soldiers in the field of administration and logistics and has trained more than one hundred thousands all ranks including number of officers from friendly countries. ASL also takes pride in training the faculty members and assisting Nigeria and Sri Lanka to establish their “Army Schools of Logistics”.

There is a long list of dignitaries who visited ASL since independence, few of the significant ones are:

  • Field Martial Ayub Khan on 22 July 1967, on the occasion of “Raising Day of ASL”.
  • General Musa 1976.
  • Major General Sahibzada Yaqub Khan visited on 6 July 1968 to witness the training.
  • General Zia ul Haq visited in 1978, on establishment Clerical Wing at Kuldana.
  • General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani in 2001.
  • General Raheel Shareef visited in 2013 to review the training progress.

It is pertinent to mention that we at ASL draw strength from the Quranic Verse of Surah Anfaal, which is added to our emblem, and translates: “and make ready for them, all you can of armed forces and of horses tethered, to dismay the enemies of Allah and your enemies…”