Scenic Beauty

Indeed, Kuldana is charming in every season and weather. Spring is bright and blossomed. Summer is sunny and pleasantly warm. Fall adds a dash of autumn colours and winter wraps everything in snow white.

Although, the average snowfall is 3-4 ft, but 2004/2005 witnessed unprecedented snowfall up to 16 ft. Weather in every season is unpredictable. A clear sunny day can surprise you with low clouds and sudden showers within minutes. So do keep raincoats and umbrellas handy!

The thick forests are home to many animal species such as leopard, flying squirrel, fox, monkey, porcupine etc. Bird species include yellow-billed magpie, blue whistling thrush, dove, Eurasian blue tit, Plum Head Parakeet and hawks.

Special attractions at Kuldana are:

A Walk in the Clouds. Kuldana offers a unique opportunity to literally walk in the clouds, through misty forests and century old tracks.

Cheeta Morh. It has earned the name due to the frequent sightings of leopard here. It is favourite crossing place of the Indian Leopard . Kuldana Ridge is narrowest at this point with a thick jungle towards eastern and western sides. Sightings are usually reported especially around dawn and dusk. The track leading towards North-East was originally Bridle (Horse) Track from the British-era. It terminates at Kala Ground (Mujahid Shaheed Ground) and Jaamia Masjid. It also offers a ‘short cut’ to Jinnah Road (10 minutes walk) from Iqbal Road.

British Cemetery. There are two cemeteries at Kuldana, as mentioned earlier. The smaller and older contains several graves of privates of the 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade, including one who died in 1879 from illness during the 2nd Afghan War. The graves of this cemetery are no longer traceable. The New Cemetery is comparatively bigger in size and dates from 1885. Track leading towards New Cemetery originates from “Cheetah Mor”. It runs in the north-west direction. A 10 minutes’ walk through thick forest leads to the burial ground of British soldiers and their families. More than 20 graves were recently unearthed, some of which have been identified. One grave is that of Major Harold Anthony Kenyon, (Military Cross), Royal Engineers, (known to have volunteered to serve here). He was son of Major General Lionel Richard Kenyon (DG Ordnance in India from 1919-1920).

Kuldana Trail. A 45-minutes hiking track, which originates from Gordon’s Hut, near Army Public School. The track winds through a thick pine forest where one can experience nature and spectacular sights of the hills and valley. On the way, the visitors can enjoy the songs of birds and whispering pines. Located in the middle is Ayub Point ( named after President Ayub Khan), an idyllic setting to enjoy solitude and perhaps read a book. Track ends at a flat British-era Recreational Ground, bounded by towering pine trees. A regimental memorial of the 1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own) stands on the south-western end of the ground. It marks the stay of the battalion, when it was stationed in Kuldana. On the South-Eastern side of the ground one can see another recently added rock memorial carved with the emblem of the Army School of Logistics.

View Points. Kuldana Offers many spellbinding locations which take you far from the hustle and bustle of urban living and exemplify the practical meaning of tranquility. Sit in solitude and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Pir Panjal Range,Khaira Gali and also Islamabad in the distance .

Epic Point. This magnificent location is adjacent to Gordons’ huts. Besides enjoying sun rise and sun set here, one can watch the splendid beauty of Bhurban, Kashmir, Murree, and Islamabad, all from the same place.

Kashmir View Point. This viewpoint is located behind the Clerk Wing’s mess. It offers a striking landscape of Pir Panjal Range towards north and arresting beauty of hills and valleys extending towards Ayubia in the north-west.

Sunset Point. South-W western corner of the Officer’s Mess presents stunning views of sunset seen over Islamabad and Rawal Lake. In early hours of the day, the same place offers amazing views of Barian, Khairagali, Changlagali.