About Kuldana

Kuldana- a retreat to tranquility, where serenity meets activity. Less than two hours’ drive from the

Capital, lies the centurion old cantonment, which is house to the logisticians of Pakistan Army.

With its doors open to guests, Kuldana offers a unique mix of peace, adventure, history, art, and culture.

Its Victorian-era gothic-styled architecture is infused with the local heritage and cultural essence. Hence

Kuldana stands as one of its kind exquisite tourist destination.

Kuldana, British-era mini cantonment located in the serene and verdant Murree hills, situated at an

altitude of7000 feet above sea level. It is located at a distance of approximately 50-60kms from

Islamabad on the junction of old Rawalpindi- Murree Road and Abbottabad-Murree Road. It is about

4.5kms North-West of The Mall Road, 1.5kms North of Sunny Bank and 3kms West of Jhika Gali (on

Abbottabad Road).

The cantonment crowns the top of a picturesque ridge, the summit of which stretches from South-East

to North-west. Spread over 6sq kms in one of the most densely forested areas in the region, Kuldana

exhibits natural flora and fauna. Kuldana has always been divided into two sectors, with the residential

accommodations housed in the southern sector which is open to guests, whereas the northern sector

comprises mainly of offices, soldiers’ living and the training areas.